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          Best language to learn for Microcontrollers ?
          7 replies 959 views Question by Dave Cooper |last reply: 2 Hours Agoby michaellyam
          Google chrome works but internet explorer does not
          3 replies 408 views Question by aurangabadzone |last reply: 3 Hours Agoby SioSio
          Creating Unique "File Number" Generation
          1 reply 47 views Question by claneypro |last reply: 6 Hours Agoby cactusdata
          Can I update multiple fields in a record
          1 reply 123 views Question by ogn993160g |last reply: 7 Hours Agoby SioSio
          Getting result with maximum date (Top 5)
          4 replies 90 views Question by dbrewerton |last reply: 7 Hours Agoby SioSio
          Modify Control Source Expression for change in field type
          8 replies 188 views Question by MRenee |last reply: 11 Hours Agoby NeoPa
          Access: Will lookups in tables cause issues?
          11 replies 508 views Question by cmo187265 |last reply: 11 Hours Agoby NeoPa
          Update/replace in MS Access query
          7 replies 247 views Question by BR1134 |last reply: 18 Hours Agoby Rabbit
          Is there any way to speed up my website?
          4 replies 674 views Question by Maneyd |last reply: 23 Hours Agoby yawbdio123
          Intel's IGBT's are they or are they not?
          3 replies 399 views Question by rollerbladegirl |last reply: 23 Hours Agoby yawbdio123
          Here痴 How AI Will Dominate a Web Developer痴 Life in 2020
          1 comment 379 views Article by michaellyam |last comment: 1 Days agoby Krishvishwak
          Which Language Is Best for AI and ML- Go or Python?
          2 replies 167 views Question by michaellyam |last reply: 3 Days Agoby dev7060
          Problem with password in Connect parameter of OpenDatabase method
          10 replies 477 views Question by Petrol |last reply: 4 Days Agoby NeoPa
          5 Reasons Why Web Developers Should Learn Angular
          2 comments 2,799 views Article by Palaksinghla |last comment: 4 Days Agoby michaellyam
          what are the benefits of long tile keywords?
          5 replies 5,175 views Question by CygnetInfo |last reply: 4 Days Agoby michaellyam
          Make a program that associates all 26 English alphabets A-Z with the index 1-26. User
          2 replies 1,061 views Question by Dilawaiz |last reply: 4 Days Agoby SioSio
          C++ DLL (callable from VBA and receiving Range data)
          answer this 162 views Question by MirkoP |last reply: 4 Days Agoby MirkoP
          Why is the scroll bar just a fraction of the canvas? / Misplaced?
          answer this 153 views Question by raysmith619 |last reply: 4 Days Agoby raysmith619
          Can a Combobox and Keyword be used in the same search
          3 replies 249 views Question by WrdsFrst |last reply: 5 Days Agoby WrdsFrst
          How do I horizontally center text and an image?
          4 replies 498 views Question by CoderNatalia |last reply: 5 Days Agoby gits
          C++11 Seperately controlled regions
          4 replies 416 views Question by rollerbladegirl |last reply: 5 Days Agoby rollerbladegirl
          How do I filter data using one of two different fields?
          1 reply 2,397 views Question by Wade |last reply: 6 Days Agoby SioSio
          How to display poll for all logged users after the creation of the vote?
          1 reply 363 views Question by jrJery |last reply: 1 Week Agoby gits
          Not an update-able query error with subquery
          2 replies 593 views Question by anoble1 |last reply: 1 Week Agoby Buk1tH3d
          DLookup value from a combo box display results in text box
          7 replies 409 views Question by puvana |last reply: 1 Week Agoby NeoPa
          Computer hangs after switching report to Print Preview
          5 replies 579 views Question by Petrol |last reply: 1 Week Agoby NeoPa
          Falsification of probability
          3 replies 616 views Question by DANILIN |last reply: 1 Week Agoby DANILIN
          How to calculate the nth term of Linear Congruentual generator sequence?
          answer this 375 views Question by KushShukla |last reply: 1 Week Agoby KushShukla
          Where is IPv4 block being sold?
          1 reply 2,052 views Question by mccarthysystems |last reply: 1 Week Agoby rollerbladegirl
          Laptop not recognizing USB Hard Drive
          3 replies 4,420 views Question by natboy |last reply: 1 Week Agoby rollerbladegirl
          How do I password protect my files and folders in Windows?
          3 replies 4,098 views Question by Jennypliskin |last reply: 1 Week Agoby rollerbladegirl
          how can i tap the information going to a label printer in a network
          2 replies 4,652 views Question by Rajesheb007 |last reply: 1 Week Agoby rollerbladegirl
          bitmap regions, combine multiple or seperate for effect?
          answer this 373 views Question by rollerbladegirl |last reply: 1 Week Agoby rollerbladegirl
          C++ version for new Intel super multicore processor?
          4 replies 422 views Question by rollerbladegirl |last reply: 1 Week Agoby rollerbladegirl
          Best advanced book for C++ for Windows SBS Server 2008 (32 and 64 bit)
          answer this 331 views Question by rollerbladegirl |last reply: 1 Week Agoby rollerbladegirl